Unnerved – Chapter 14

Chapter 14UnnervedAnita Glesta I’m not wrong am I? To seek the pumping heart in the head, little rose on fire…( – excerpt from the poem, ‘Tongue on Fire’, developed by Abigail Wender in response to AnitaGlesta’s work, Unnerved (2021)). Fig. 14.1. Untitled, oil on canvas, 48 inches x 72 inches. Anita Glesta, 2017. My father […]

A Hard Rain’s A – Gonna Fall

April 21 – June 15, 2023 Curated by Lara Pan Lara Pan is an independent curator, writer and researcher based in New York. Her research focuses on the intersection between art, science, technology and paranormal phenomena. Opening Reception: April 21, 5:30-7:30 pm This exhibition centers on eleven artists who each explore various realms and topics […]

CYCLE INTERRUPTED, 2009, ARTPORT_Making Waves and the United Nations for the 2009 Copenhagen 15 Conference

CYCLE INTERRUPTED is a color-saturated moving image video commissioned through the video curatorial group ARTPORT_Making Waves and the United Nations for the 2009 Copenhagen 15 Conference. The commission asked for the content of this work to address how women in the third world are affected by global warming. I chose to address this subject using […]

Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia UNNERVED 2022

Installation in Federation Square Melbourne in “The Atrium” and on the face of the ACMI, Australian Centre of the Moving Image Sept/Oct 2022 This work was created during a fellowship at the fEEL Lab at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. UNNERVED premiered in Melbourne, Australia during the “Big Anxiety Festival Sept/Oct […]

US Census Bureau, Maryland 2010, GSA Commission

The U.S. General Services Admission Art in Architecture Program commissioned this integrated landscape work to celebrate the work of the Census Bureau while also providing a simulating outdoor environment for employees and visitors. Through numerical symbols, words, images, and forms that invite interaction, articulating our human histories was my primary concern when creating this work […]