The UNNERVED project began as part of the fellowship at the fEEL Lab at UNSW School of Art, Design and Architecture in 2020. The compilation video includes UNNERVED created as a commission for the Big Anxiety Festival 2022 at the Museum of the Moving Image, Melbourne Australia. The other works included in the compilation is […]


My project CARDIAC HARMONIUM explores and transmits a wide range of issues that we all experience. In so many ways, humans are enslaved by the corporeal state we inhabit. In our current dialogue in which questions about our identity have become increasingly paramount, I am interested in deconstructing our physical constructs to point attention to […]

SPIN 2017

Revolving doors are an essential aspect of city life, providing a way for a flow of pedestrians to enter and exit skyscrapers, retail stores, and transit hubs. They are iconic architectural elements, and represent the moment of transition – from exterior to interior, from one environment to another, from the journey to the destination.   They […]