Unnerved – Chapter 14

Chapter 14UnnervedAnita Glesta I’m not wrong am I? To seek the pumping heart in the head, little rose on fire…( – excerpt from the poem, ‘Tongue on Fire’, developed by Abigail Wender in response to AnitaGlesta’s work, Unnerved (2021)). Fig. 14.1. Untitled, oil on canvas, 48 inches x 72 inches. Anita Glesta, 2017. My father […]

Australian works

Lenticular Lens 1998 “Wynyard Park” was commissioned by the city of Sydney in 1998. This work was created as a temporary signage/sculptural work for a city park and was sited at a bus stop at the entrance to the park.The technology is called “lenticular lens” and involves two or three images on a single screen. […]