Cycle interrupted 2009

CYCLE INTERRUPTED is a color-saturated moving image video commissioned through the video curatorial group ARTPORT_Making Waves and the United Nations for the 2009 Copenhagen 15 Conference. The commission asked for the content of this work to address how women in the third world are affected by global warming. I chose to address this subject using visually and symbolically rich images, such as the circle, which represents both woman and the earth. Images of the four elements convey draught, ice, flooding, and air pollution, all of effects of climate change that are creating personal and professional crises for women in the third world. This project was initially situated within a group of industrial buildings in the vicinity of COP 15. It has been exhibited subsequently in the Climate Change Conference Cancun 2010 as well as the Centro Cultural de España in Mexico City and LACE Gallery in 2011 and 2012 respectively.

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