SPIN 2017

Revolving doors are an essential aspect of city life, providing a way for a flow of pedestrians to enter and exit skyscrapers, retail stores, and transit hubs. They are iconic architectural elements, and represent the moment of transition – from exterior to interior, from one environment to another, from the journey to the destination.  

They are iconic architectural elements. The revolving door was invented to control the internal climate of a building, i.e. to keep the cold out and the heat in. In creating this “micro environment”, a person is “trapped” or suspended between transparent sheets, relinquishing control for a few seconds, trusting that the forced movement (which is someone else’s design) is the best way to traverse. Traverse means to go across and this is not a straight line; it is an unnatural circular motion.Making the choice to transition from their journey to an arbitrary ‘destination’ that actually changes nothing is a moment of irony… why enter into the space beyond via a revolving door: , SPIN, explores this moment, and extrapolates that transitional experience